A graphic designer specializing in Brand Development, Hand Lettering, and Photography, living in the South Bay.




Brand Development

A brand’s identity is the essence of a company and it is crucial that it be reflected in all aspects of the design. This is my favorite part of design because I’m bringing something to life. I’m making something that has yet to exist, and what could be more fun than that? 

Hand Lettering

At times, type that is hand drawn is more powerful than the perfect font choice. Hand lettering allows me to draw what I envision while adding character and personality to the letters.  For this, my Wacom tablet is my partner in crime. 


Capturing life moments or simply giving you a beautiful micro shot of a product, photography helps communicate the authenticity of a brand to their consumers.  I love using photography to do just that and often find my inspiration in nature. 


“Kathy was diligent, hardworking, and joyfully creative. She brought an incredible level of professionalism and polish to all of the projects she completed for us.”

- Kim Krempien, LA Fashion Week®