Art had always been my favorite subject in school. I was overfilled with joy whenever I was assigned a project that had some sort of artistic component to it. In grade school I was very shy and for me art was the easiest way to express myself. Rather than talking, I let my work do it for me. Quite frankly I yearned for the opportunity to make something and be able to express myself creatively.

Looking back at it now, as a child and through out my adolescent years, I had always been practicing elements of graphic design. As a young girl I would always make menus and store signage out of construction paper whenever I played pretend. I had quite the collection of gel pens that helped make my lettering even prettier.  I was in my middle schools Leadership program and whenever we had to make flyers I always wanted to use Photoshop because it was so much cooler than Word. I remember sitting next to my dad, watching him Photoshop a headless horseman for the schoolโ€™s Halloween dance flyer, while I told him my vision. Little did I know it was meant for me to be a designer.

It wasnโ€™t until I was applying to colleges that I knew I wanted to study what I loved and make a career out of it. So, in fall of 2010 I attended the College of the Arts at California State University, Long Beach. I studied there for the next five years eager to learn more about art and design as the years progressed. In 2012 I joined a professional business fraternity know as Alpha Kappa Psi. AKPsi provided me with a fail-safe learning environment that helped sharpen my design skills. When my designs were implemented during each recruitment season I learned what worked and what I should improve upon. As historian I worked on improving my photography. My proudest accomplishment would have to be placing third in the Fraternityโ€™s Principled Business Leadership Institute.  We were the first team to ever compete from the Delta Omicron chapter of Cal State, Long Beach. We presented a marketing case, I acting as the creative director for the group. As a designer public speaking is a challenge for me. The fact that I was able to overcome it by presenting my designs with confidence and placing is a huge accomplishment for me.

I graduated in the summer of 2015 and since then have been striving to perfect my craft and become a stronger designer.  I aspire to work with and design for companies that do good in the world. I want to help them market the best version of themselves through branding and photography. A brandโ€™s identity is the essence of a company. It is crucial that it be reflected in all aspects of the design in order to communicate to the world who they are and the positive impact they have on this planet.

" I yearned for the opportunity to make something and be able to express myself creatively. "